Questions keep coming in to 10News about mysterious booms heard across East Tennessee.

These come after we looked into loud booms reported in Maryville Monday night.

Now viewers say they're hearing similar things in other places including Lenoir City, Sevierville and Dandridge, to name a few.

Viewers listed some ideas of what the cause could be on our Facebook page.

A sonic boom from a plane, kids playing with explosives, transformers blowing, and a quarry explosion were all theories people put forward.

In this 10Listens report, we made several calls to try to pin down the source of the mysterious noises.

On Tuesday, 10News spoke with the Maryville Police Department, who said they investigated the booms and were unable to find a cause.

We then spoke with UT geologist and professor emeritus Dr. Bob Hatcher, who said the booms were not indicative of an earthquake.

He also ruled out the theory that the booms were caused by aircraft flying over Maryville.

On Wednesday, calls were made to the McGhee-Tyson Air National Guard Base, the National Weather Service in Morristown, the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation and Vulcan Materials, which is the quarry closest to Maryville.

Each entity said it either hadn't heard of the booms, or know they weren't responsible for them.