The broken headstones found near the Yarnell Cemetery were not originally from there. According to the Tennessee Department of Veterans Services the stones were taken from a different cemetery because they were damaged.

However, each stone was replaced and the disposed ones have been moved and taken care of according to the departments protocol.

Original Story:

Vangie Cowan found numerous broken headstones near a stream of water by the Yarnell Cemetery.

“We were doing pictures for find a grave and one of my friends told me about this cemetery, " Cowan said.

In her free time Cowan works as a volunteer for FindAgrave.com. She and her family took a trip to the to take pictures for the website.

"My daughter was playing in the woods and she had us come over and look at all the headstones placed down the embankment," Cowan said.

She's spent the last four years trying to find the owners of the cemetery contacting different groups and other cemeteries with little luck.

The Knox Property Assessor's records only show the land being owned by a Paramount Development back in 2005. But little information details what happened after that and if the land changed hands.

Cowan said regardless of who owns the property, her goal is to one day be able to move the headstones back to where they need to be.

"Some of them say World War II on them, some of them are their wives and they need to be up here where they can be honored," Cowan said.