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10listens: How East TN feels about Roe v. Wade

The Supreme Court overturned the Roe v. Wade decision last week, letting states decide whether abortion should be legal.

KNOXVILLE, Tennessee — On June 24, the Supreme Court released an opinion that ended nearly 50 years of federally guaranteed access to abortion.

Rallies sprang up across the country with people on both sides of the abortion debate. Dozens of East Tennesseans called us to share their thoughts on the landmark decision.

Here's what you told us:

(Note: some comments were edited for clarity and length.)

"I praise the Lord for the decision that the Supreme Court made. I think it was the right decision." -Marie

"I am totally against what the Supreme Court has done... women should have a choice." -Kathleen

"I am certainly not pro-abortion. I am a Christian. I believe in the sanctity of life, but there are cases where a woman should be able to choose." -Susan

"I am 100% glad that this has happened. If they don't want to get pregnant and carry a baby, there's things they can do before they get that. Don't get that way and then kill the baby. That's murder." -Jane

"I totally disagree with it. It's setting women's rights back 50 years... The Constitution says 'everyone free and equal.' It's not free and equal if you take women's rights away." -Laura 

Credit: WBIR

"I thank the Supreme Court for this decision to protect these unborn children, of which have the God-given right to be born and to take a breath of air and to see the light of day." -Ron

"I'm horrified that they overturned Roe... This is truly a sad, sad time in American history. We look horrific on the world seeing in that we're not much of a democracy anymore with our rights are being taken away." -Joyce

"I'm very happy about the reversal. We have a rape baby in our family. And I would like to say thank you very much to that baby's mother. That man is an incredible human being. He has brought a lot of joy and love to this family. I thank God you did not have an abortion." -Kathy 

Credit: WBIR

"It's absolutely disgusting. I have no confidence anymore in the Supreme Court." -Jean

"I think it's the best decision they've ever made. I think women have the right to do what they want to do with their bodies, but I don't think that should include murdering babies." -Judy

"I am sick.. I just cannot believe it. I fought this battle in the past and thought we won it. I thought it was law and it just amazes me how little respect this country has for women." -Betty 

"We have been fighting for this for 50 years... I am extremely happy that we have constitutional rights in for the baby in the womb now." -Claudia 

"I think it's absolutely horrible. It's a setback for our whole country that they've taken women's rights away and I am extremely upset and angry about it." -Sandra

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