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Sending moments of love: East Tennessee couple donating photo canvases to families impacted by gun violence

Through their initiative Moments of Love Canvas Art, Joe and Tamara Wright donate photo canvases to families affected by gun violence.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — As parents of three, Joe and Tamara Wright of Knoxville say they cannot imagine the pain of losing a child in a school shooting.

"It tears me apart. I couldn't imagine what they're going through," Tamara said.

When they learned six innocent lives were taken during the Covenant School shooting in Nashville, they got to work.

"This was the hardest canvas to do because they didn't deserve that," Tamara continued.

Through their initiative Moments of Love Canvas Art, they are donating photo canvases to families affected by gun violence.

"If anything happens to your children, you just want to have the memories forever, and looking at a canvas brings back memories," Joe added.

A picture-perfect moment is transformed into a canvas, then shipped to the victims' families

"There's families and people that's hurting in the background every time you see something like this, and that's the ones we care about," Joe said.

The idea was born two years ago with a canvas they made to capture their own moment of love.

"You have that moment one time and you don't get it back," Joe continued. "But if you have a picture of it, you can reflect on it, you can think about it, you can look at it, and you can remember that moment you were in love, you had love with your family, your kid."

After preserving hundreds of photos for family members, friends and strangers, Moments of Love Canvas Art was born, and it has evolved into something much bigger than the two of them.

"I just want to give back to people now that I know they got a lot of years to come with pain," Joe said. "But you can know someone out here in this world is praying for you—me and her are praying for you."

Having lost loved ones to gun violence himself, Joe said prayer has been a familiar refuge over the years.

Taking a moment to bless every canvas before it's shipped, Joe and Tamara said they are not only sending a photo—they are delivering a moment of love.

Moments of Love Canvas Art has donated canvases to people across the country.

Click here to help them continue their donations to people impacted by gun violence and other tragedies.


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