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Money Saver: How to eat healthy and save money

A healthy diet is not cheap. We show you how to make the most of your food budget.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Food costs are high right now and buying healthy food is even more expensive. It might feel impossible to eat healthy, so we have some cost-saving ideas. 

First, buy frozen. Fresh fruits and vegetables come at a high cost. Studies show frozen fruits and vegetables still pack a nutritional punch. It's cheaper and it doesn't spoil nearly as quickly, which means it won't end up in the trash can.

Second, plan out your meals every day so you know exactly how much food you will need. Account for which dinners will have leftovers, plan easy lunches to pack and don't over-buy. This also means less waste and less wasted money. 

Third, make your own healthy bars. Nutritional bars are very expensive, sometimes $3 to $4 a bar. So, try a new recipe with nuts and berries and honey or maple syrup. Your money goes a lot further. We found this healthy bar recipe for you to try. 

Fourth, try beans as your protein. Dry beans are considered healthier and they pack a lot of protein. Use this option instead of meat for one meal a week. It's cheaper and also adds variety to your menu. Click here for healthy recipes using beans. 

And lastly, grow your own herbs and vegetables. It's fairly easy if you have basic gardening knowledge and if you do a quick online search, there are a ton of links to help. It's getting very close to the Spring planting season, so get your seeds ready. Here are some tips to start your own garden here.


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