This week's Perfect 10 is about never giving up on your dreams, even if you think you're too old to make them happen.

At 48 years old, after years of working in the restaurant business, Jane decided she was going to be an artist.

Jane Biven Art 1

It was tough at first. The "starving artist" phrase rang true, but she refused to give up or give in.

Finally, a break. She won an award that displayed her art on buildings in Times Square. Then, she won another accolade and her work was shown in the Louvre.

Jane Biven Art

This week, the famous European feature magazine 'DESTIG' named Jane one of their 2019 Artists of the Year.

And here's what's really crazy: That incredible woman is my sister – Jane Biven. 

Jane, I am so proud of you, I love you, and you are Thursday's Perfect 10.