KNOXVILLE, Tenn. ā€” Every Thursday in our Perfect 10 segment, we try to give you a reason to smile, and this once certainly made us do so.

Since the day I was born, I've been a United States' citizen. I love my country, and I'm grateful for our freedom and all the opportunities that it gives us.

But again, I was born with the title of American, and I'm beyond thankful for that.

One of our wonderful colleagues at WBIR, Laura Ararat, was not born an American citizen. So what did she do? She went out and earned it.

On Tuesday, she was sworn in as a citizen of the United States of America.

"My parents brought me to the U.S. when I was 5 years old. Today, their American Dream for me came true. After nearly 20 years, countless stacks of paperwork, lawyer visits, and one really stressful U.S. Civics test ā€” I can finally say that Iā€™m proud to be an American!!!"

Laura Ararat becomes a U.S. citizen
Laura Ararat

Well Laura, we are so proud of you. You went through this process and stayed with it, and I don't think it's too bold to say, our country will be better because you're here. You, my friend, are a Perfect 10.

And yes, she said she already registered to vote.