The Beacon Center of Tennessee released it's 11th annual Tennessee Pork Report Tuesday, revealing ways that state and local government officials have spent taxpayer dollars this year.

According to a release, the report highlights "a multitude" of examples that show how taxpayer funds were mismanaged throughout the year. More specifically, it outlined 33 examples of wasteful spending on the state level, and 36 examples on the local level in cities and regions throughout the state.

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On the state level, the report called out issues such as spending $12.7 million to modernize the revenue and tax collection system, or allocating more than $6.4 million designated for the Tennessee Arts Commission to provide local art.

Other spending issues highlighted here in Knoxville included $200,000 for Zoo Knoxville and $4,000 for the Knox County Schools Nutrition Director.

The report also highlighted the 2016 "Pork of the Year" award, which is chosen by voters around the state as the project causing the most wasteful spending in their opinion. This year's chosen project brought funds here to Knoxville in order to fund the University of Tennessee's Office for Diversity and Inclusion. That project has since been stripped of funding.

The results of the 2016 Pork Report came from state and local budgets, media reports, audits and independent research conducted by the Beacon Center.

The Beacon Center is a non-profit think tank based in Nashville that works to provide expert research and solutions to public policy issues in Tennessee. The organization has pushed for reform in healthcare, education, tax policy and economic regulation, among other issues.