CAMPBELL COUNTY, Tenn. — A day after a 3.8-magnitude earthquake shook East Tennessee, another smaller quake was recorded in the same location. 

The United States Geological Survey recorded a 2.4-magnitude in Fincastle, Tennessee, which is a community in Campbell County, at around 4:46 p.m. Tuesday. 

There have been no reports of any injuries or significant damage.

If you felt it, USGS asks you report it here.

People all over East Tennessee felt Monday's earthquake. Earthquakes in this part of Tennessee are very common, though many are so small people don't feel them. 

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We live in the East Tennessee Seismic Zone, a band that stretches from northeastern Alabama to southwestern Virginia.  It's understood to be one of the most active quake zones in the United States. 

There was also a smaller earthquake, a 2.8 magnitude, reported in that same location on Sunday.

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