The city of Knoxville primary election in August will have a crowded ballot, with a recordbreaking 31 people qualifying to run for City Council by the noon Thursday deadline.

District 6, which stretches from East Knoxville to Bearden, has 13 people vying for the same seat.

The Knoxville City Council will likely see a major shakeup with five of the nine seats up for grabs. All of the incumbents are term-limited and unable to run again.

Knox County Administrator of Elections Cliff Rodgers said typically city primaries have low voter turnout. But he hopes the enthusiasm of the candidates translates to more people coming to the polls.

"It cannot be said that there aren't any choices out there. There couldn't be more choices," Rodgers said.

Rodgers said city primaries often come down to just a few votes.

"This is an election where votes are really going to count," he said. "The margins are going to be thin especially between second place and third place."

Only the top two candidates from the five districts on the ballot are moving on to the regular November election.

In the Aug. 29 primary, only residents of the district can vote.

On Nov. 7, all city of Knoxville residents will have the chance to vote on all five races.