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6 wacky laws in Tennessee

We've collected six strange laws in Tennessee and our state's local governments.
You can't use a lasso to catch a fish.

May 1 is "Law Day." So in honor of today, we've collected six strange laws in Tennessee and our state's local governments.


You may want to think twice before pulling out your tarot cards in Knoxville. It's illegal to advertise fortunetelling in Knoxville. If you break Sec. 19-186, the City of Knoxville will hand you a $144.50 dollar fine.

Using a lasso to catch a fish

Tennessee is a great place to catch fish - just don't plan on using a lasso or anything other than a fishing pole. Even though Tenn. Code Ann. § 70-4-104 doesn't specifically mention using a lasso, you can only use a rod, reel and hook to fish.

You can eat roadkill

Thanks to Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett, you can eat an animal if a vehicle accidentally runs it over. As a state senator Burchett sponsored the bill in 1999, which lawmakers passed into law.

Duelists can't run for office

It's 2014, but Article IX of the Constitution of the State of Tennessee still wants to remind you that duelists can't run for office. Yes, you read that correctly - duelists. So future politicians take heed - leave your sword at home if you must defend your honor.

If you travel into Tennessee, you better leave your skunk behind

Most of us steer clear of skunks, but state lawmakers wanted to make sure. It's a Class C misdemeanor to bring a live skunk into the state, according to Tenn. Code Ann. § 70-4-208. Why? Skunks are known carriers of rabies, so this law is in place to protect pets.

Panhandlers must first get a $10 permit in Memphis before they beg on the streets

"May I see your permit." Officers can ask panhandlers that question if they see them begging on Memphis streets.

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