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865Eats: Northshore Brasserie

February is the month of love and we’re celebrating with romantic flavors. We can’t take you to Paris, but we can give you a taste of French cuisine at the Northshore Brasserie in West Knoxville.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Steak frites, moules (mussels), even escargot, the Northshore Brasserie serves up French favorites daily.

“There’s something very rustic and familial with French cuisine,” said Chef Joe Cunningham.

The menu can be traced to Belgium, just north of France.  Co-owner Stephanie Balest lived in Europe for a decade.

“She liked the brasserie concept they have in Europe,” explained her brother Brian Balest.  “She missed those.”

So siblings Stephanie and Brian Balest decided to bring both the flavor and feel to Knoxville, opening a traditional brasserie in 2005.

“They’re lively. There’s conversation. There’s good food. There’s a neighborhood feel and that’s kind of what we have here,” said Balest describing the brasserie concept.  “I have a lot of customers say they really get a European feel when they come in.  It’s been fun!”

And, you could say the cuisine is second nature for Chef Joe Cunningham.

“When I was a kid, I traveled a lot with my mother. We lived the summer in France, so I’ve always had a special connection with French cuisine,” said Chef Joe Cunningham.  “I went to the French culinary institute in NYC back in 2005 and from there, I ended up coming back to where my family is in Knoxville. “


There are several signature dishes.

“We have a very classic brasserie menu-- steak frites, escargot, mussels,” said Balest. “We do 4 different preparations of mussels.  We also serve a lot of game-- duck, lamb.”

But don’t be intimidated by the French flair.

“Even for the novice diner, you’ll find something here,” said Balest.  “We’ll help guide you through it.”

“We try to do food that’s very homey and comfort feeling,” added Chef Cunningham.

It’s a dining experience that isn’t complete without dessert!

“A profiterole which is a Belgium dessert is one of our signatures.  It’s actually puff pastry and homemade ice cream with some chocolate sauce on top. It’s been on the menu since the beginning."

Bon Appetite!

Northshore Brasserie is located off Northshore in West Knoxville.

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