The Gentle Barn in Knoxville cares for animals that are sick, abused and neglected, or unable to be adopted into a home.

Their residents include Dudley, a cow with a prosthetic leg, chickens Rick Springfield and Jessie's Girl, and Adeline, a turkey that loves to cuddle.

"Adeline was rescued from Thanksgiving two years ago," said Andrea Burritt, manager of The Gentle Barn. "She was in California and loves to be the center of attention. She would fight the other cuddle turkeys for attention."

It may seem hard to believe, but many female turkeys love to cuddle. Adeline gobbles up attention from kisses to scratches.

"Male turkeys like to show off for the females so they're not cuddle turkeys, said Burritt. "Female turkeys can be very sweet and like to be cuddles. We brought her here to show off how sweet they are. They want to be cuddles or held like a cat or dog."

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