KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — There's a lot of fancy medical language thrown around at UT Medical Center.

But the language of love might be spoken the most.

"It is nice to work with a spouse," UT Medical Center employee Daniel Carpenter said.

"We like it," another employee, Lisa Hayes, said. "We each understand what the other's going through." 

"There's an understanding," Carpenter said. "We go home...we know exactly what we're going through the day."

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There's at least a hundred married couples working at the hospital --like Sharon and Tony Reeves.

"It's nice that I know he's here," Sharon Reeves said. "I just like having him here."

Or, like Mark and Niki Rasnake.

"16 years? Right? Don't look at me like that!" Niki told Mark.

Lisa and Kenny Hayes are both pharmacists.

They say the key to a good marriage is talking it out.

"It definitely helps to communicate that's always important," Lisa Hayes said. "So anything that helps you communicate is a good thing."

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And registered nurses Daniel and Heidi Carpenter feel the same way.

"Have fun," Heidi Carpenter said. "Definitely have fun."

The couples have some fun stories too.

"Our second date, he actually sang for me," Sharon Reeves said. "And played his guitar. I felt like I found the perfect person."

"Heidi's dad had a leg cramp," Daniel Carpenter said. "And this big man falls down on the deck of the pontoon at Douglas Lake and is flopping around like a fish."

"I said you know I'm just really tired, can we cancel?" Niki Rasnake said. "And he said, 'uh, yeah.' And lo and behold it was supposed to be our proposal dinner night."

But they all ended up saying I do.

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"She was da ting somebody else at the time, so, I had to be persistent, because she didn't really give me the time of day," Kenny Hayes said. 

"Oh please. You were a cutie," Lisa Hayes said. "(I) couldn't wait to break up with him and date you, so."

All the couples 10News spoke with said they have Valentine's Day plans, and that's another key to having a successful marriage.