A Knoxville cat has gone from being stuck atop a tree to being a gift under the tree.

The black cat had drawn concern from neighbors in West Knoxville after he got stuck up in a tree for nearly a week. Thankfully, a couple of tree service companies -- Mencer's Tree Service and Baumann Tree Service -- volunteered to help. Miles Mencer was out early Tuesday morning and was able to get him down.

Black cat rescued from tree
Miles Mencer

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Now a couple days later, the cat has found a fitting and loving home with Matt and Ashlyn Baumann, owners of Baumann Tree Service.

He also has a name: Phantom. 

"We were thrilled to be able to adopt him and give him a happy home. Plus...this guy obviously loves the trees," Baumann Tree Service posted to Facebook Thursday. 

Ashlyn said they are loving the cuddles with their new family member. 

Phantom snuggled up Knoxville rescued tree cat
Ashlyn Baumann