KNOX COUNTY — Hidden in the woods and down a long brick highway lies a house that is far more than just a home.

It is a dream come true.

"This was our forever home," said Dan Phillips, who restored the 1930s fixer upper with his wife. "We literally called it our forever home."

Dan and Brooke Phillips bought the home and put everything they had into it, spending more than $100,000 to convert it into the home of their dreams. Just months after the restoration was done, they were told they would have to move out.

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The home is located on Wye Way Lane in South Knoxville, right next to Alcoa Highway.

As the Alcoa Highway construction project expands, the family says Woodson Drive is planned to go right through their living room. Now TDOT is getting ready to offer them money to leave their home to make room for the road.

"We were told by the realtor who was told by TDOT that this piece of property was fine, that it wasn’t going to be acquired," said Dan. "It’s strange when somebody tells you you’re moving. It’s a weird feeling."

More than 50,000 cars travel down Alcoa Highway every day. The expansion project aims to make it safer.

Houses like the Phillips' home fall victim to the construction.

"At times when we have a project, it's going to be necessary for us to acquire property that is within the project limits," said Mark Nagi, a spokesperson for TDOT. "In all these situations, whether it’s an entire property that’s going to be acquired or a partial property, fair market value is always offered."

The family rents out their guest house to fund their ministry project and houses Israeli football coaches half of the year.


As the Philips family prepares to pack up their memories, they’ll say goodbye to a home no road could ever replace.

"We were in shock, it was like this cannot be happening," said Brooke. "I think there are new chapters in life and you have to embrace the new chapters, but I don’t think it can be replaced."