We have another chance for light snow in the hight elevations and flurries elsewhere overnight Wednesday and early Thursday.

Wednesday night Thursday AM snow_1520464536639.JPG.jpg

A dusting to a couple of tenths of snow will be possible on the Plateau and in southwest Kentucky and southeast Virginia. Around an inch of accumulation will be possible in locations near 2,500 feet with 2+ inches of snow above 4,000 feet.

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And we aren't done with winter just yet. Below-average temperatures will continue through the rest of this week and into the weekend.

Many of you may be wondering... is this normal for us to be seeing snow in March?

Well, it's not at all uncommon to see wintry weather this time of year in East Tennessee!

In fact, Knoxville averages about 1.5 inches of snow during March. And some of our most impactful winter storms have happened during the third month of the year.

Take the Blizzard of '93 for example, when Knoxville received over 15 inches of snow!

By the way, we will be marking the 25th anniversary of that snow event next Monday, March 12, with a 30 minute special so make sure you tune in!

And one more fact for you... while the average last snowfall happens at the end of February, we've had measurable snow in Knoxville as late as April 25!