University of Tennessee veterinarians discovered a surprise on an injured bald eagle that was found at a residence in Sevier County. 

According to the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, a woman found the eagle in her yard. She then called the American Eagle Foundation and the eagle was brought to the UT veterinary hospital. 

The vets did their x-rays and discovered that the eagle was injured from a fight with another bald eagle, and surprisingly, they found an old gunshot wound. 

Dr. Cheryl Greenacre of the UT College of Veterinary Medicine, said that the bullet fragment was spotted in one of the wings. 

"We don't think it was any other trauma because the hole is talon sized," said Dr. Greenacre. "It's about the size of a pencil eraser, and it's right where another eagle, if they were in a fight, would grab eachother..right on the under side."

After receiving treatment at the UT Veterinary Medical Center, the eagle has been returned to the American Eagle Foundation with a good prognosis.