The Tennessee Vols have provided Jermaine "FunnyMaine" Johnson with plenty of material for his sketches this season.

"I'm really going to miss Butch Jones. I'll go ahead and accept his request on Linkedin," Funnymaine joked after the Vols' loss to South Carolina.

Being an Alabama fan, Funnymaine had plenty to say when asked his thoughts on the most recent development at Rocky Top. Former Alabama defensive coordinator Jeremy Pruitt was named Tennessee's new head coach on Thursday.

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"He lives, breathes, eats football all day everyday. He's not a dressy type or flashy guy he just loves to talk and play anything concerning football and that's the type of coach you all got," the comedian said.

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Countless callers at WNML radio in Knoxville agree with the Alabama fan - Pruitt is a good pick for the Vols.

"A lot of times, just knowing what it feels like to win breeds winning so that's a great thing for the university," said Jeff Jarnigan, the Voice of Neyland.

Jarnigan hasn't heard anything negative about Pruitt, except a few grumbles from Bama fans.

"Everything we know about him and read about him in glowing and talking about how motivated he is, energetic he is and great recruiter he is," Jarnigan said.

Funnymaine said Bama fans are a little nervous for the change, but every third Saturday in October, they'll be ready even with Pruitt on the other side of the field.

"The third Saturday in October, the fans will be ready to turn up the Tennessee hate and coach is on the wrong side of it this time so we will see them in the third Saturday in October," he joked.