JEFFERSON CITY, Tenn. — Just months after Carson-Newman University announced plans to bring Bird Scooters to their campus, the company said it's dropping its contract with the school.

According to the university, Bird Scooter's new corporate model stated it would not honor contract agreements for buyers who purchased less than 500 scooters. The school said it was only slated for around a hundred scooters.

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"It's basically out of our hands now," said Charles Key, Marketing and Communications Director for Carson Newman.

Bird Scooters are a brand electronic, dock-less scooters, you can rent by scanning a code on your phone. 

You can find them laying in random spots in 18 major cities like Nashville and Memphis, but they're still illegal in Knoxville due to safety issues. 

The city currently has a 150-day ban on electric scooters as Knoxville City Council wants to do more research on them before they make them street legal. 

Two women from East Tennessee were riding electric scooters when they were hit by a Lexus in Nashville last year.  

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