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Sheriff warns people about scam caller posing as Blount Co. deputy

The BCSO said at least one scammer is pretending to be a deputy who's threatening to arrest people if they don't pay off a fake fine.

BLOUNT COUNTY, Tenn. — The Blount County Sheriff's Office is warning people about a phone scam that's targeting people in the area.

The BCSO said at least one scam caller is trying to trick people into giving them money by pretending to be a deputy with the sheriff's office. Deputies said the caller has threatened to arrest people if they don't pay a made-up fine, saying the person has gone one step further and asked people to meet him to collect the cash. 

"We've received some calls this morning of an individual claiming to be Sgt. Davies from Blount County Sheriff's Office. He told the individual they had a warrant for their arrest signed by one of Blount County's local judges, and that if she didn't pay, she would be arrested. He told the woman to meet him to pick up the money, which she did not do," the BCSO said.

Deputies said the scam caller sounds very convincing, saying he has been calling from the number (865) 268-4263. The BCSO said he might also be calling from other numbers.

"Please know this -- deputies will NEVER call you to tell you that you owe money, or that you have a warrant, and that if you don't pay the money you will be arrested. Sheriff's deputies will routinely call individuals, but never to ask for money or threaten arrest," the BCSO said. "Please DO NOT fall for this scam. If someone calls you regarding this scam or any other call you feel is suspicious, you can report it to Blount County Communications so that we can take a report and follow-up on the call." 

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