Itching the beat the devil out of that dusty paintbrush? Do you easily befriend all manners of wildlife, keep squirrels in your front pocket, and have a passion for painting almighty mountains? 

Two painters who were frequently seen on the late Bob Ross' show 'The Joy of Painting' will be coming to the Blount County Public Library this March!

Bob's son Steve Ross as well as his long-time friend Dana Jester will be holding four all-day workshops at the Blount County Public Library from March 4-7. 

Both Steve and Dana could be seen on the "Joy of Painting" as guest painters.

To register, the library said to email Steve and Dana at Sign ups will only be accepted through that email and the library said there are limited spots over the course of the four classes. The program costs $125 each day.

In addition to the workshops, Steve and Dana will also be holding a free program at the library for the public on Thursday, March 5 in the Main Gallery of the library at 6:30 p.m.

"We’re excited to be a part of these programs and hope our patrons can get involved," the library said.

The Blount County Public Library is excited to host and welcome Stev... e Ross and Dana Jester! Steve is the son of the artist Bob Ross and has been seen with Dana Jester on the well-known 'Joy of Painting." They will be facilitating four all-day workshops here at the library March 4-7, 2020 at the cost of $125 dollars per day.