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Bridge collapse leaves people trapped at home in Sevier County

A group of people in Sevierville are trapped at home Friday night, after a bridge that leads to their houses collapsed.

SEVIER COUNTY, Tenn. — A group of people in Sevierville were trapped at home Friday night, after a bridge that leads to their houses collapsed. Because the bridge is privately owned, the county is not helping.

Those people are saying the conditions are getting unbearable.

“My wife is just in tears because she feels literally trapped, she can’t go anywhere because she can’t walk,” said David Widiker. "We need to get out and be able to get the necessities."

For Widiker, climbing a ladder has become essential just to do simple tasks.

“My back's not feeling good because of the ladder situation, just trying to get to the mailbox," he said.

The car isn’t an option for him and challenges are becoming to much to handle, he said. Both he and his wife are disabled.

“It’s very difficult. I’ve had to put off doctors’ appointments, shopping, getting out. Period,” said Widiker.

In case of an emergency, Widiker said there is no way out.

“If my wife needed an ambulance, she’s got severe asthma and if she needed an ambulance right now there’s no way,” said Widiker.

He’s not the only one. Kevin Cruce and his fiancé were heartbroken when they found out that once the situation is resolved the landlord, who owns all of the property, would be kicking everyone out.

“Finding out you’re going to be kicked out and find a different place to live, it’s just overwhelming. Just found this out a few minutes ago," Cruce said.

Widiker says the stress is taking a toll on his physical health. He said that his blood pressure has been up, which can be fatal for him after having had two aneurysms.

We spoke to the owner of this bridge, who also owns the cabins behind it, and she said she has no plans of fixing the bridge and she will not be renting out the cabins anymore.

They are still trapped, and there is no timetable as to when they will be set free.

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