Adopt a Golden Knoxville welcomed its first kitten into the shelter after its was found wandering Knoxville with a Golden Retriever back in December 2017.

The two, Merry and Bright, were found by Knoxville Animal Control where they were put on hold at Young-Williams Center awaiting any owners the two may have, the co-founder of Adopt a Golden Knoxville, Amy Johnston, said.

After three to four days of being on hold, waiting for owners, Young-Williams reached out to Adopt a Golden to see if they could take in Merry, the retriever. Johnston mentioned Merry is maybe 12 years old, and she wasn't doing very well and was not ready to be thrown into the adoption force. Young-Williams mentioned Bright, the five month old cat, who was also found with Merry.

Adopt a Golden took both into its shelter as it did not want to break the bond between the two.

The two are now with a foster family and are both doing very well. Merry is a bit older and is very calm and sweet with other dogs and people. Bright is only a kitten, so he's very playful and very sociable. He also loves Merry. If you love this pair, the two are up for adoption on Adopt a Golden Knoxville's website.

Below is a video from Adopt a Golden Knoxville with the two enjoying each other's company.