Builders of all ages, get ready! The Tennessee Valley LEGO Club is showing off its best work at the BrickUniverse LEGO Fan Convention in downtown Knoxville.

Some of the displays you'll find include a 20-foot model of Knoxville's Henley Street Bridge, a motorized Rube Goldberg-inspired Great Ball Contraption measuring over 30 feet long, a Sumobot Arena where brick-built robots battle for supremacy, a massive Illuminated Black Falcon Castle, and an enormous 250-square-foot city display, featuring working lights, trains, and fairground rides, and a Tiny Titanic Scavenger Hunt presented in partnership with Titanic Museum Attraction of Pigeon Forge, TN.

Tennessee Valley LEGO Club has three chapters: Knoxville, Nashville, and Huntsville. Members from each will be displaying at BrickUniverse.

The chapters include Adult Fans of LEGO, referred to as "AFOLs", who build, play, and display creations built with LEGO bricks.

Yes, "AFOLs".

According to the release, there are over 300 LEGO Users Groups for Adult Fans around the world.

The LEGO Company estimates there are around a million AFOLs in the world. Famous AFOLs include David Beckham, Ed Sheeran, and Britney Spears. The release states they've all publicly talked about their affection for LEGO.

Tickets are available for Saturday, Aug. 25 and Sunday, Aug. 26. Tickets are $15 online at