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Burn permits required with start of Tennessee fire season

Permits are required through May 15.

Fall fire season in Tennessee is officially underway.

Starting today, Oct. 15, folks will need a permit to start an open-air fire within 500 feet of a forest, grassland or woodland. Permits are required through May 15.

Fire pits aren't included in this. You can burn without a permit as long as it's in a fire pit.

These permits help officials keep track of where fires are burning, especially if the flames get out of hand.

The Tennessee Division of Forestry says anyone burning anything smaller than an average-size leaf pile can get a permit online. For anything bigger, you should pick one up at your local county office.

If you live in Knox County, you will have to get your burn permit from the air pollution center.

You can get a burn permit online at BurnSafeTN.org. Information on burn bans or county specific regulations can be found at that site as well.