Campbell County, Tenn. — Early Sunday, different parts of Campbell County and surrounding counties saw about an inch of snow.

“At about 9:15, I was trying to drive over to Jacksboro but you couldn’t travel,” Nicki Smith said.

Photo by Gabrielle Hays

Smith lived in Jacksboro for most of her life before moving to Scott County. She said she still spends a lot of time in the area but Sunday’s weather made her usual routine a bit more difficult.

“I couldn’t even get over the county line,” Smith said. “It was slush.”

According to the National Weather Service, the temperature reached somewhere around the mid 30s on Sunday and it rained on and off during the afternoon. This caused much of the snow to melt, leaving just enough little patches for kids to make snowmen or snow angels.

However not everyone was thrilled about the delays or even the snowfall for that matter. Sidney Henson is 12 years old and lives in Jacksboro with her family.

“I hate the snow,” she said. “It’s cold, everything is cold and I don’t like it. “

With the National Weather Service reporting the possibility of more winter weather for multiple areas in East Tennessee, Smith said she’s just glad she planned ahead.

“I’ve been watching the weather so I got all of my grocery shopping done,” she said. “We’re just gonna keep an eye on the weather, keep warm and eat a bunch of junk food.”