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Knoxville police share tips to make sure your kid's car seat is set and safe

KPD is prioritizing car seat safety during Baby Safety Month.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Knoxville police said about half of all child car seats are installed incorrectly. Because of that, they are using Baby Safety Month to make sure your child's car seat is good to go.

10News spoke with Marci Ware, a car seat technician with the Knoxville Police Department, who shared some tips parents should follow.

1. Car seat must be tight enough around the belt path: Ware said you do not want more than an inch of movement.

2. Make sure the shoulder straps are at the right level: If the child is forward-facing, the shoulder straps should be at or above shoulder level. If the child is rear-facing, they should be at or below shoulder level.

3. Clip must be at armpit level: Ware said you do not want the clip to be by your kid's stomach.

4. Take a close look at the car seat's expiration date

5. As the weather starts cooling down, do not start adding clothing underneath the belt system: Ware said everything will compress, and then that adds all the more room for injuries.

6. Do not buy secondhand car seats or cat seats you do not know the history of: "If you buy a secondhand car seat, you might not know if it has been in an accident, or how it has been taken care of, or if the straps have been taken out," Ware emphasized.

7. If you are buying your car seat online, make sure it comes with all of the labels and stickers.

KPD hosts Child Safety Seat Checkpoints where car seat technicians like Ware will take a look at your car seat and make sure everything is in place.

The next event is on Tuesday, September 27 at 917 E. Fifth Avenue from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. It is by appointment only, though, so if you are interested in making an appointment you should call 865-215-1300 or email carseatcheckpoint@knoxvilletn.gov.

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