One wildfire survivor is healing from his burns.

WBIR 10News first introduced you to Charles the Pig last week. His family had to leave him behind as they fled for their lives during the Sevier County fires.

He survived by burrowing into the mud but suffered serious burns.

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10News spoke with his family Thursday about Charles' healing process and the community support.

The Holmes family makes the trip every day to visit their pet pig Charles at the UT Veterinary Medical Center.

"And we don't plan on missing a day until he leaves," the father Rob Holmes said.

They travel daily from Gatlinburg, where they're staying with family after losing their own home in the wildfires.

"Of everything going on, he's like the one constant that's been there, and he's made it," 15-year-old daughter Andrea Holmes said. "He's just so strong, and he kind of teaches me that I can be just as strong ... I'm just more worried about him than anything else right now."

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Charles underwent surgery Thursday, and a late afternoon Facebook post by Rob Holmes said it went well. He said doctors told him blood was still circulating to Charles' rear hooves, indicating those will not fall off. He also said Charles had a reaction to some of the medication used in the procedure but the pig had since stabilized.

"His burns are healing. He's been peeling off the burns slowly. He's looking better," Holmes said. "He's a strong pig. He's doing good."

But treatment for Charles, plus the cost of replacing some uninsured belongings, is expensive, so the Holmes family is raising some money.

"I redesigned a piece of art for Charles the Pig," Holmes said. "I was an artist for 30 years and all of that was burned up in the fire, so I've lost every original piece that I've had, so this was the first original I have now."

This is available in bumper stickers, prints and shirts.

Also, a family friend is selling t-shirts that say "Charles the Pig's Piggest Fan."

Charles the Pig is helping his family raise money through lending his likeness to t-shirts and artwork.

"He's built a big fan club, and we're very proud to have him and that he survived," Holmes said.

They credit Charles' resilience, like that of everyone in Sevier County who suffered loss or injury.

"That's Charles the Pig. He's strong. Smoky Mountain Strong," Holmes said.