They say laughter, is the best medicine.

"It knocks down the walls and barriers if we can get them laughing!” Nurse Jennie Talley said.

And it’s known that Talley, gives out giggles in big doses. She brings humor and encouragement to patients fighting cancer, because she knows how difficult a battle it is.

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"I’m a survivor and had breast cancer 10 years,” said Talley. "I always do my monthly breast exams. There was a month, I discovered a cyst and thought that's weird I didn't feel that last month.”

After a surprising self-diagnosis, the nurse became a patient. Her diagnosis required chemo radiation and a double mastectomy. But her sense of humor made it easier.

"When it came time for my hair to come out, I decided to take control of it, instead of it taking control of me, so my husband, my nephews took turns cutting my hair, we did a mullet, then a Mohawk, then a cross in the back of my head,” Talley said.

She feels her journey took not only the power of medicine, but something greater.

"I had such a peace, it was a calm that I couldn't bring upon myself but something that Jesus had given me,” Talley said.

Now, she’s using her faith to change the lives of others.

"I’ve lost count of patients and other people who have been led to the lord because of my breast cancer, and when that first person accepted Christ, I said this is all worth it, I would do breast cancer, chemo all over again,” Talley said.

Today, the scars tell a story, one she is eager to share with others waiting for a cure. A cure, that in a way, Talley may have already found.

“It is Jesus, I can't go a day without him, every day is a blessing, and every day is a gift.”