As more than 2 billion Christians prepare to celebrate Easter this weekend, many Knoxville area churches are looking for new ways to reach people.

In addition to traditions such as the Stations of the Cross in Market Square, some churches are taking more non-traditional approaches to spreading their message, especially after some recent surveys found 80 percent of people in Knox County don't associate with the church.

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At OneLife Church, preparations are underway for one of the biggest events of the year.

"Easter Sunday is definitely the super bowl in terms of everybody who is going to come to church shows up on that day," pastor Rodney Arnold of OneLife Church said.

They also try not to stray too far from the routine.

"But we try to do things normal, because we want people to come to a Sunday, maybe it's their first time back in a longtime, their first time back in church ever, and we want them to see what a normal Sunday will be like so hopefully they'll return," he said.

Pastor Rodney Arnold of OneLife Church
Pastor Rodney Arnold of OneLife Church

OneLife does not look like your parents' church -- with lights and modern music -- they say that's one of their draws.

"We cannot continue to think that a billboard campaign and doing church better than other churches is going to reach people. That doesn't work," Arnold said.

They expect attendance to double this weekend, but that's not their only focus.

"Our big thing is the message never changes, but the methods to reach people are constantly changing," Arnold said. "That's exactly what Jesus did. He didn't change the message that god sent him to do, but he did things in creative and unique ways."

About 600 people stream their services online every weekend. The church feels it's a good way to let people try before they buy, so to speak.

"Nobody goes to see a movie or restaurant or any event without checking it out first, and so we understand that, and to reach people in 2018 they want to see what they're getting into, especially in a religious setting, because If they didn't grow up in a Christian context, it can be scary going to church for the first time," Arnold said.

Whether that happens on Easter or any other Sunday, he hopes people can share what happens in this space - wherever they are.

"It's exciting anytime you get everybody that calls this church home together," Arnold said.