This story was published on Sept. 28. Its headline has been corrected.

KNOXVILLE - A $2.9 million plan to revamp Knoxville’s trash management is moving forward.

Members of the Knoxville City Council approved an ordinance to allow the city to purchase about 62,000, 95-gallon trash cans prior to the new collection contract.

Each homeowner will receive a new 95-gallon trash cart that trucks can lift instead of workers under the new plan. The 95-gallon cans replace citizens’ four 32-gallon can that are currently permitted.

The city is in negotiations for a new trash pickup contract, and leaders hope to present a version of the contract at the next city council meeting on Oct. 11.

City leaders said the plan, which would go into effect January 2017, will save Knoxville $2 million per year.

The city will also add red light cameras to 10 new intersections and replace inactive ones.

The new agreement will provide Knoxville with 35 percent of shared revenue generated by citations, which is a 15 percent increase compared to the current agreement.