It's the boost that gets people around the world going each morning, that delicious caffeinated drink we call coffee.

While Knoxville is full of cafes and shops, there's one barista who is paving the way for a brand new idea, coffee on wheels.

Andrew Mrozkowski is taking his brews on the back of a bicycle and all across downtown Knoxville.
"There's a time and a place for any type of coffee beverage," Mrozkowski said.

It's an idea that started with, believe it or not, a bad cup of joe.

"I work at a place with horrible coffee, I would get there in the morning and it would just be undrinkable!"

So Andrew Mrozkowski took action, creating his own coffee drinks at the office.

"My coworkers loved it and encouraged me to open a coffee shop," Mrozkowski said. "But I like to think small and grow big."

Thus, Pedal Java was born, making its debut in Knoxville in fall 2015.

"I had to do months of research and experimentation to find the right tools to fit in a small space," Mrozkowski said.

He crafted the coffee cart himself, outfitting it with equipment from Japan and Europe. Everything is able to pack up inside the cart, where there's also a mini fridge.

Pedaling the streets of the city is something he does all in his spare time, hoping one day to make it a full-time profession.

"Meeting people, making drinks for them, it gives me all amounts of pleasure," Mrozkowski said. "So when I get to my regular job, I'm in a better mood because I've served coffee all day in downtown."

To find out where the coffee cart is set up, follow Andrew on Instagram and Twitter @PedalJava.