We are excited to announce a new segment that we will continue throughout the entire school year. It's called "Cool Schools." Russell Biven, Mike Witcher or Rebecca Sweet will be live at a different East TN school every Wednesday highlighting what's "cool" about that school. Every school is different-- they each have something unique to them. So let's find out what that is!


Gresham Middle School

10News Meteorologist Rebecca Sweet went to see what this cool school was doing for National Teacher Appreciation Day on May 7. Check out their antics in the video below!

Ball Camp Elementary School

10News Meteorologist Rebecca Sweet took a trip to Ball Camp Elementary on May 1 and got to see the student's recycled art projects, STEM scouts were doing science experiments and our photographer William? Well, he got detention. See it all for yourself in the video below!

East Knox County Elementary School

10News Meteorologist Rebecca Sweet visited East Knox Elementary on April 17 to see what the hype is about the school's art fair, its choir and all of the clubs it has! Sweet met with the teachers and the School Resource Officer to hear from them, but she also got to see plenty of the kiddos at the school too. Check it out for yourself below!

Corryton Elementary School

10News Anchor Heather Waliga took a trip out to Corryton Elementary on April 10 to check out what that school has going on, and was met by a big ole group of kids ready to make their TV debut! We met with different students and teachers, who were all decked out to rep their school "houses" that represent different virtues. Learn more about them in the video below!

Ritta Elementary School

10News Meteorologist Rebecca Sweet and Photographer William Winnett went to check out one of his old schools on April 3, and he even took over for a bit to introduce his alma mater and show off some old yearbook photos! We met with different students and teachers, some of whom even dressed up for the occasion, and even gave Ed Rupp a little surprise. Check it out yourself in the video below!

Belle Morris Elementary School

10News Meteorologist Rebecca Sweet and Photographer William Winnett went to check out his old school on March 27, and boy, did they have fun! We got to see William's old school yearbook photo, heard from some of the students themselves, and had a grand old time. Check it out yourself in the video below!

Maynard Elementary School

10News Meteorologist Rebecca Sweet went to visit the kiddos at this cool school on March 13 and got to learn about some of the cool initiatives they've got going on, like a gift card reward program sponsored by a local State Farm rep that honors their "good neighbors!" for being a good character. She also spoke with the principal, who was all decked out to celebrate Sweet's visit. Check it out yourself in the video below.

Bearden Elementary School

10News Meteorologist Rebecca Sweet took a look at this cool school in Knoxville on February 6 and got to meet some of their student leaders, too. She spoke with the fourth- and fifth-graders who are in charge of student council, and Sweet was repping this school too-- she wore the school's colors in this edition of Cool Schools. Check it out yourself in the video below.

Pond Gap Elementary School

10News Meteorologist Rebecca Sweet took over for Russell on January 23, 2019, and headed out to Pond Gap Elementary to take a look at just what makes this school cool. She got to have some fun with the teachers, or should we say jedis, who showed her the power of the force, along with the Safety Patrol kiddos who were doing their thing to keep everyone in line. Take a look for yourself in the video below.

Gibbs Elementary School

Russell took a trip to Corryton on January 16, 2019, to check out what's happening in the new year at Gibbs Elementary. He got to test out some new moves and shoot hoops with the kids and adults, and heard from the peer mentors about their role in the classroom, too. Plus-- everybody did the "YMCA" for his 'grand finale.' Check it out below!

Carter Middle School

Winter break has come to a close for Knox County students, and they're back in school... and so is Russell! He joined forces with Meteorologist Mike Witcher to head to this cool school and ring in the new year. And they were joined by Tucker Riley, an 8th grader who hopes to be a weatherman just like Mike one day. And he told Mike he was going to test his hand at it. What do you think about his performance in the video below? Plus, they spoke with principal and got a special performance from the cheerleaders, too. 

Gap Creek Elementary

Rebecca Sweet stops at Gap Creek Elementary where the students are full of energy at 6 a.m.! Rebecca talks to a family who has had someone in the school since the 1920s. Liam, a fourth grader, explains how everyone is so nice at his school.


Sarah Moore Greene Magnet Academy

Russell visited with School Principal Dr. Amy Brace to talk about the cool things happening at this school. They've got a morning news broadcast that goes live at 7:33 a.m., a newly added disc golf course that a PE teacher worked to add, a Leader in Me Program that teaches students leadership skills and goal setting and a community schools program that offers supports for families. Want to see it all for yourself? Watch the video below.

Cedar Bluff Elementary School

Russell and Mike were at Cedar Bluff Elementary on August 22 to see what's happening-- and boy, do they have a lot going on! Russell got called to Principal Keith Cottrell's office, it was the first day of kindergarten and we got a look at the lunch menu. And this cool school has a totally cool student named Hannah Spradling, whose love of reading got her an invite to dine with the Governor in Nashville.

Russell Biven and I are already in trouble and the school year just started! 😉 #CoolSchools10 Join us for all the fun as we broadcast live from Cedar Bluff Elementary on @wbirchannel10

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Thanks for hanging out with us this morning (and for taking over for Russell when he got called to the Principal's office..)!

Copper Ridge Elementary School

While Russell went to school on August 29, Mike was "playing hooky." It's ok, though, because Russell got to interview School Principal Jennifer Atkins about what's going on at the Cool School. They've got a morning news team that announces the lunch menu and recites the pledge, as well as an awesome Girls on the run team that promotes both running and confidence for girls-- and they've got an awesome pump-up song. Want to see them perform the song and dance for yourself? Watch the video below.

Dogwood Elementary School

Russell went to check out Dogwood Elementary on September 5-- and the students there showed him a thing or two! Russell jumped in to a bucket with Principal Lana Shelton-Lowe, it was house spirit day for the kids and, last but certainly not least, we got to take a look at the lunch menu. Watch the video below to see Russell get schooled at an anchor desk and do a disco dance.

Northwest Middle School

On September 12, Russell went to his first middle school of the school year! He got to hang out with some kids, saw some cheerleaders and got to talk to teach, as well as the principal. Watch the video below to see his whole visit!

Blue Grass Elementary School

Russell and Mike went to explore Bluegrass Elementary and saw quite a bit of the school on September 18. They learned from the pros about how to put together a great morning news show, saw a STEM lab in action and spoke with Principal Brian Cantrill, who's seen a thing or two, including the school's roof for a coupon challenge. And Mike even played dodgeball with the kids! Watch the video below to see all the fun they had at this Cool School.

Spring Hill Elementary School

Russell, well, he was never early to school growing up.. but on September 26, he was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at Spring Hill to interview Principal Beth Lankey, look at some traditions of the school like the 5th grader basketball game, and how they're taking steps forward too with their STEM program. Watch the video below to see the kids show off their robotics skills.

Karns Elementary School

Russell strolled on over to Karns Elementary on October 3 to check out what cool things this school has in store. He checked in with Principal Shay Siler, took a look at the beautiful murals painted on the ceiling, got chased by the safety patrol and joked with 10News Anchor Heather Waliga about her own Karns days, checking out her yearbook photo in the library.

Beaumont Magnet Academy

Russell went to check in on Beaumont on October 17, which just celebrated the grand opening of the new Beaumont Arts Playspace back in May. Cheryl Burchett, one of the school's art teachers, won a $100,000 grant to transform an unused place into a work of art in 2016. And, well, Russell also got sent to the principal's office... again. This time though, it was with Principal Windy Clayton. Check it out.

Sterchi Elementary School

Russ hit the road to check out Sterchi's stock, October 24's Cool School. He got a tardy, spoke with the principal, learned about the details of "reflex math" from some enthusiastic (and not-so-enthusiastic) students, but also still fit in some fun and games with the safety patrol kiddos, along with more antics during his visit. Watch the video below to learn just what reflex math entails... from the students themselves!

Brickey-McCloud Elementary

Kenny and Dolly take Cool Schools! 10News Anchors Abby Ham and Russell Biven dressed up for this Halloween edition of Cool Schools as Dolly and Kenny, and they had some pretty realistic costumes! The teachers and kids dressed up in their Halloween best too, with a pirate and a knight a few of the costumes among them! Check out the costumes in the video below.

West View Elementary

School might have been out on November 6 for Election Day, but Russell made sure to start the next day with a bang at this cool school, speaking with students, checking out the cafeteria and learning about all the different things students do there.

Farragut Middle School

On November 14, Russell went to see what was happening with this cool school's symphony and how they were preparing for the holiday season. He even spotted one of the other anchors hanging off a Christmas tree... And then he got called in to the principal''s office. Check it out below!

Rocky Hill Elementary School

On November 28, Russell went to check out this cool school's holiday decorations and preparations. The students were filled with Christmas cheer and the holiday spirit in the school's Candy Cane Cottage, where students can go buy presents for their loved ones and all the money spent goes back into their school. Russell also got to see the school's drone attempt to place a star atop a Christmas tree. Did it succeed? Check out the video below.

Adrian Burnett Elementary School

Russell had a few days off from work, but he was back in school on December 5 hanging out at Adrian Burnett. He got to check out the holiday decorations for their big international holiday tour, with the halls decked out to represent all different kinds of celebrations and holidays from around the world for the season. He practiced his German, spoke with the principal and learned a bit more about this school. Check it out.

Lonsdale Elementary School

We switched things up for our final Cool Schools before the holiday break, and sent reporter Leslie Ackerson to Lonsdale Elementary School instead of Russell.

As soon as she arrived she was blown away by the beautiful display of Christmas lights outside the entrance! Principal Christopher Deal said community group Thrive put up the decorations at their school and other homes nearby to brighten up the community.

With no buses, students at the school all walk or are dropped off by family, and the colorful array greets them as they start their day.

"It doesn't matter what you celebrate, but the lights bring positive energy and lift the kids spirits," Principal Deal said. "They know they are coming into a safe environment."

Leslie enjoyed listening to the students show off their talents on the bucket drums, meeting the robotics team, hula-hooping in the gym, and joining in as the students sang "Happy Birthday" to Mr. Deal!

10News Today will continue to update this story every week with our visits to each school!