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Cooler temperatures attract fall pests inside your home

Cooler temperatures will attract fall pests inside your home. Pest control workers say it's not too late to get your home sprayed, but do it before it's too late. 

With day-time temperatures starting to fall, it's likely you'll see more and more critters heading for warmer temperatures -- often inside your home.

Pest control workers are busy preparing homes for fall invaders.

“Cool mornings and cool nights like we had last night, pests start looking for a place to spend the winter,” said Russell’s Pest Control service manager Brian Smith.

Dr. Karen Vail, a UT professor of entomology, told 10News that brown marmorated stink bugs, kudzu bugs, multicolored Asian lady beetles, and boxelder bugs try to get inot homes to avoid cold weather.

Pest control workers say you will find these insects mostly in corners, or near windows and doors –wherever they can enter your home. They say the best way to keep pests out is to get your home sprayed before it’s too late.

“The best thing is to do a preventative service now as it’s starting to get cool out,” Smith said.

Pest owners say you’re out of luck once you start to notice the insects in your home.

“Once they’re in, they’re in, there’s not much a homeowner can do,” Dayton’s Pest Control worker Will Bullard said.

The good news is pest control workers say you still have time.

“We’ll do fall invader sprays all the way through the month of November,” Bullard said.

Pest control workers say to visit the company’s website or look them up with the Better Business Bureau before you book a service.

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