Corryton Elementary School has had a "magic" system in place for three years now: its Harry Potter-inspired house system.

Principal Aaron Maddox said the idea started after a few teachers visited a school in Atlanta and proposed the concept to him.

"They came back fired up, and so I went down to see it a month later, and then I became fired up," Maddox said. "Then I decided we needed to implement that system, and we started it the next year."

The new concept got students excited too. Each student was sorted into a different house and, much like the Harry Potter books, each house was given a name. The houses include Pemberi, Kuanda, Boosara, Jelani, Somni and Ohana.

But the magic doesn't end there. Each house has a special trait or concept such as kindness, dreamer, courage, brotherhood, wisdom or perseverance. Each teacher and the principal are sorted into a house alongside their students.

Erin Newman is a teacher at Corryton Elementary. She said the program started as something to foster community and ended up blossoming into something much bigger.

"It promotes a sense of family and brotherhood in our whole school, so you have a fifth grader and a kindergartner in the same house," Newman said. "They have lunches together, and they do service projects together."

Principal Maddox said the system has even helped with issues with student behavior.

"A year ago, I want to say we had about 140 office referrals, and in the last year that number has gone down to 40," Maddox said.

Paige Thompson, a fifth grader, said the system is exciting, and she hopes other schools implement it too.

"We earn points for being nice and for going above and beyond," Thompson said."Other schools should do it because then they will have good behavior too."