Christmas is all about the birds for fans of our feathered friends of all kinds.

Every year, folks gather this time of year for the annual Christmas Bird Count. More than 150 local enthusiasts got together for the tradition this weekend in Knoxville.

The National Audobon Society started the count in 1900, to replace an annual bird hunting event. Now, instead of kililng birds, they would count them.

Watchers say the count helps them keep track of what birds come in and out of East Tennessee.

"It's a great data point to know every year around the same time what birds are showing up, what birds are not showing up. It kind of gives us an idea on where to focus our efforts on what birds need our assistance and so on," said Jimmy Tucker, President Knoxville Ornithalogical Society

The local count dates back to the 1940's, and takes place in several designated areas in the weeks around Christmas.

If you are interested in bird watching, you can learn more here.