Crews are still working to recover the body of a person that a witness reported had jumped into the Fort Dickerson quarry and never resurfaced.

Searchers from the Knoxville Volunteer Rescue Squad and Blount County Rescue Squad are in the water Monday morning looking for the victim.

There have been no missing persons reports and no family or friends have shown up at the quarry looking for the victim, so this could be an unfounded call.

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The search for a possible drowning victim at Fort Dickerson Quarry has been suspended for the night, according to Knoxville Police.

The Knox Area Rescue Squad may resume its search in the morning but there was lightning in the area so the search had to be suspended around 9 p.m. Sunday.

A caller told dispatchers that a white male wearing gray shorts and no shirt jumped into the quarry around 6 p.m., according to Knoxville Police.

The witness said as of 6:11 p.m., he had not come back up.

According to KFD Captain D.J. Corcoran, fire and rescue crews spent about an hour searching and the Knox Area Rescue Squad was called in to help search.

Authorities are on the Augusta Avenue side of the park.