KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Bobby Barnes has owned Broadway Automotive for 15 years, but now he wants a new neighbor. 

"We're tired of having to worry about getting shot up in the middle of the night," he said.  

He said his surveillance cameras recorded the deadly shooting outside The Vibe Sunday morning. 

Investigators said Jessie Roberts, 25, was in a vehicle at Krystal just after 4 a.m. when a stray bullet came through the passenger door and hit her. They said she was an innocent victim and had not been at the club that night. 

She was driven to the KPD East Precinct, located on Whittle Springs Road. From there, Roberts was taken to UT Medical Center where she died from her injuries.

Family members told 10News she had a 7-year-old son.

Two additional victims arrived at UT Medical Center, also claiming that they had been shot at The Vibe.

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It's not the first time he's turned his video over to the cops. There have been more than 85 calls for service to the address since 2016. 

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Another deadly shooting happened around New Years. Barnes said the video from that showed a bleeding man running for help across his parking lot. 

"You could see the fire coming out of the gun," he said. 

And on Sunday, the more than 50 rounds police say were fired on the street hit a car in his lot. 

Barnes had to call the customer to tell him about it. 

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"So it affects our business and the people that live around here, it affects their property values," Barnes said. 

Now, he's worried people won't want to come to the area because of the violence. 

We reached out to the club's owner but didn't hear back.

He owned a club in south Knoxville that was shut down in 2016. At the time, police cited gang activity and shootings when they boarded that place up.  

Barnes hopes the same happens to The Vibe.

"I just wish they'd shut the place down so we could get rid of the crime. That's what I wish," he said. 

Krystal president and CEO Paul Macaluso released the following statement to 10News:

"We at Krystal are saddened by this senseless tragedy and extend our deepest condolences to Ms. Roberts’ family, friends and loved ones. As a father, my heart breaks for her young son, who will grow up without his mother’s loving presence. Our Krystal family is holding him close in our thoughts and prayers.”

The Edgewood Park neighborhood association will hold a community meeting on Thursday, April 11 at 6:30 p.m. at Christenberry Rec Center.