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Delta Air Lines helps Atlanta man plan 'above and beyond' engagement for fiancé

The pair says Delta has helped them connect throughout their long-distance relationship. The airline helped an Atlanta man plan a special moment in their union.

ATLANTA — It's a love connection that has grown stronger while soaring through the clouds. 

A couple is now set to tie the knot after Delta Air Lines pitched in to help arrange their engagement. 

Brennan wrote to Delta's CEO, Ed Bastian, about how he wanted his engagement to Skyler to be special, the airline wrote on its website. According to Delta, she lives in Dallas and he resides in Atlanta. The pair met two years ago and have worked to overcome the challenges of a long-distance relationship by spending "countless hours" on Delta flights to visit each other. 

“Airplanes have a special place in our hearts ... specifically, Delta jets brought us and kept us together,” Brennan wrote to Bastian. “I have given a lot of thought to all the potential options for my proposal, and I keep coming back to somehow involving an airplane and Delta.”

His message eventually made it through to the corporate communications team, who were "inspired" to help Brennan, coordinating a string of people to spring into action for the proposal. 

A crew of pilots and flight attendants was in on the plan to organize a day of surprises for Skyler as she made her way on a flight to Atlanta.

The airline's website said a series of cards guided the now-fiancé on every step of her journey, starting with her arrival at the Dallas airport where customer service greeted her.

“When I walked into DFW, all the Delta agents looked at me like I was a celebrity,” Skyler said. “They had my picture, my boarding pass, more handwritten notes, and a present waiting for me at the Sky Club.”

Skyler then touched down in the Peach State and saw Brennan waiting for her as he dropped to one knee in the "rain forest" tunnel at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, a special place for the couple.

"The couple had texted dozens of pictures of the rain forest corridor to each other throughout their relationship – a wordless message that said: “I’m on my way!" the website said.

She said "yes" through tears of joy, Delta said.

To celebrate their soon-to-be union, the couple had a champagne toast, a tour of the Atlanta airport in a Porsche, and a secluded Sky Club reservation, according to Delta.

“This experience has been above and beyond. We have never experienced such perfection,” Brennan said. “Delta will always be our airline and thus will be part of countless memories and celebrations in our future together.”

Skyler and Bastian were met with posters at the gate announcing the engagement, congratulations from Delta staff and passengers, and a celebration with Brennan and Skyler-themed signs and clappers as they boarded their flight back to Dallas.

“It was the most fun I have ever had in one day,” Skyler said. “Brennan executed a wonderful engagement with special, handwritten cards in a place that means so much to our journey. But Brennan’s best idea was involving Delta.”