A south Knoxville staple is closing its doors after serving as a place for music lovers to gather for more than 25 years.

The Disc Exchange started out of a house in 1987. A few years later, the store moved to 2615 Chapman Highway, where it has been ever since.

Co-owner Jennie Ingram said the decision to close the store is a tough one.

“Hate to do this, but it’s just something ­– the time has come,” she said.

Ingram said the Disc Exchange opened at just the right time when CDs were replacing vinyl. The store grew and grew for many years, but as CDs gave way to mp3s, fewer customers came through the door.

“Thanks to our loyal customers we were able to ride it out for many, many years, but it’s just reached the point now where it’s become all digital and I’m getting old and want to retire,” Ingram said. “The time has come to say goodbye.”

No specific closing day has been set, but Ingram said the store won’t be open past Oct. 1.

As the Disc Exchange enters its final months of business, people like John Montgomery are remembering the in-store concerts they enjoyed there. The store played host to bands like Kid Rock, Wilco and even The Foo Fighters.

Montgomery played gigs there in the early 2000s in a series of bands: Left Foot Down, and Garage Deluxe among them.

“To go in there and connect with people you’ve known for years and get turned on to new music, that’s what the place was about,” he said. “It’ll be missed by so many people that have enjoyed it over the years for sure.”

In their final weeks, Ingram said she won't be thinking about the building or the music. She'll have something else on her mind.

"The people," she said. "I'll miss the people. And the interactions I have with customers and employees. That's what I'll miss the most."

Ingram said they don't have an official closing date set, but don't plan to stay open beyond Oct. 1.