Its opening may have been delayed a bit, but folks who've finally gotten the chance to ride Dollywood's newest roller coaster are finding it was worth the wait!!

The Lightning Rod was supposed to debut when the season opened this year, but the ride's builders asked for a little more time to make sure the ride was perfect. It was finally opened to the public this week, and has been drawing big crowds.

The 1950's era thrill ride lasts just over two minutes, but it took almost two years to take the innovative ride from concept to reality.

Lighting Rod is the world's fastest wooden roller coaster, powered by new technology. It was designed especially for Dollywood, using the park's mountainous terrain to take riders up more then 20 stories, then dropping them 165 feet at 73 miles per hour.

Dollywood followed the progress of the Lighting Rod roller coaster, from the drawing board to its first ride. Watch the documentary video, produced by Devin Olsen Productions, attached to this story to see the months of hard work that went in to making this newest ride a reality.