With a tail wag and a big smile, Beans cannot wait to be back with the family he knows.

His owner Traci Forsyth has been waiting patiently ever since she found out what happened to her beloved dog Beans and his brother Pork.

"It's an amazing feeling. It's bittersweet though because he looked identical to Pork and when I look at him I see Pork and he's not with us anymore and that's hard," Forsyth said while holding Beans outside of the Blount County Animal Center on Wednesday.

Pork and Beans were found with 18 other animals abandoned and left to starve inside the home of Amy Robertson, according to investigators.

Authorities investigating the case said it was the worst case of animal abuse they've ever seen.

"There was 48 hours that we thought both dogs died in the house," Forsyth said.

Many animals did not survive the conditions, including Pork.

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"It's hard to not be happy that we have ours but there's a little bit of guilt there," Forsyth said.

When she found out Beans survived, she felt a wave of emotion.

"I just cried. I cried so many tears of sadness and anger and all of a sudden I had tears of joy," Forsyth said.

Because of her lease agreement, Forsyth was forced to give up Pork and Beans. She asked Robertson to temporarily take them in.

After beans was rescued, Gayle Githens fostered him for about a week.

"It just made me sick, it was horrible. So I was glad I got an opportunity to take care of Beans," Githens said.

Githens fed Beans four meals a day and gave him lots of love. Beans regained his strength and smile back within a week.

"I'll miss him but he is going home where he belongs," she said.

Beans not only was reunited with his original family, he was also reunited with his real mom Angel.

He'll get to spend the rest of his life happy again, with his forever family.

"I imagine it's going to be one big happy family for the remainder of your life," Forsyth said to her best friend Beans.

Forsyth is demanding justice for Pork and Beans. She created a petition online for Roberston to receive the maximum punishment for the charges she faces. So far, that petition has 24,000 supporters.