It was a reunion more than seven weeks in the making!

On Thursday morning, Cierra Bowman told 10News that her dog Chloe was finally found!

Bowman said Chloe was caught in a live trap that had been set for her in the Wildwood subdivision in South Knoxville. She's been checked out by a vet and is doing well!

“She is very hungry but settling back down and doesn't want to leave my side,” she said.

Original story

The owner of a dog who disappeared after a burglary believes her Chloe is still alive after neighbors in the Wildwood subdivision just outside of South Knoxville spotted her.

 On August 20, someone broke into Cierra Bowman's home in South Knoxville. The intruder took a TV, speaker, and pieces of candy. Worst of all, they shot and killed her dog, Bandit. 

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Her other dog, a white German Shepherd, got out of the house and disappeared.

Chloe and Gambit

Bowman has been searching for her ever since. Chloe was spotted several times, but Bowman could never get to her in time.

Now, seven weeks after she ran from her home and miles away, members of a private Facebook group have been posting about a skinny white dog that had been running around in the area.

One of them saw the notice about Chloe in another group and contacted Bowman. She sent her a picture, and Bowman is convinced that lost and scared dog is her Chloe. She told 10News she went to the neighborhood on Tuesday to try to find her, with no luck.

Neighbors, on the advice of animal control officers, are working to try to get her in an enclosed in a yard or garage so she can be caught and hopefully returned to her rightful owner.

Bowman asks that anyone who spots Chloe to call her immediately at (269) 204-8483.  

No arrests have been made in the burglary.