Pigeon Forge — It's officially the holiday season in Dollywood and Dolly Parton herself kicked off the occasion by lighting up Glacier Ridge, complete with a 50 foot tree.

"I'm enjoying watching this tree light up and watching you all watch me," Parton said.

The newest addition to the park is the largest holiday expansion ever and the giant tree serves as the centerpiece. Hundreds of families gathered around as Parton flipped the switch sending hundreds of Christmas lights into a bright glow.

"We've got all these wonderful things for families and kids, all these millions of lights and all the sparkles," Dolly told 10News. "I love all the sparkle and the shine."

But the tree isn't the only new part of the park. The Arctic Passage and the Northern Lights are also new holiday attractions for families to enjoy.

The new expansion adds 1 million lights to the already 4 million the park has now.

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