Dollywood's newest record-breaking rollercoaster is officially opening to the public on Monday.

Lightning Rod, the world's fastest wooden coaster, was supposed to welcome riders at the start of the season, but the opening was delayed when the manufacturer asked for extra time to "commission the ride."

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A few lucky visitors have already had a chance to try out the rollercoaster during technical ride rehearsals.

Guests will experience nearly 20 seconds of airtime while riding in the hot rod-themed vehicles.

During the ride's first moments, guests will experience several of the record-breaking features. As the world's first launching wood coaster, guests will race up the first lift hill to more than 20 stories above the park then hit a record-breaking 73 miles per hour at the base of the 165 foot drop.

One seven-year-old girl told 10news she was so excited to get to try the rollercoaster.

"She's a little junkie of roller coasters," laughed Josie Mosley's aunt, Kim O'Grady. "She's been dying to ride this roller coaster."

O'Grady said Josie watched the Lightning Rod being built last year and kept asking if she would be tall enough to ride when it opened.

Little Josie made the height requirement and convinced her family to wait two-and-a-half hours to ride the new coaster.

She said she loved it and would definitely ride it again.

"We're going to see if we can do it again," said Josie's aunt, O'Grady, with a smile.