KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Plans have changed for the proposed sculpture in the heart of downtown Knoxville — and its creators are getting $60,000 more than originally planned.

Last year, Knoxville city leaders approved a $500,000 payment for the artists of 'Pier 865', a flowing, colorful sculpture that will be built at the northeast corner of Gay Street and Summit Hill in the Cradle of Country Music Park.

The city had also planned to pay $60,000 to a landscape designer who would work on the project. That payment is now going to the artist's team instead, Mayor Madeline Rogero said. 

“There's no more money going to it. It's just saying that instead of the construction, the design documents done by this consultant, it's going to be done by the artist and his engineer," Rogero said.

'Pier 865' will be created by New York City art firm THEVERYMANY.

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New York City art firm THEVERYMANY is in charge of the high-profile installation. The firm was chosen from over 129 applicants, seven of whom were local. 

Knoxville's Public Arts Committee said it was unable to find a local artist who could demonstrate they had the experience necessary to take on a project of this size.

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