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Three East Tennessee organizations picked for specialty license plates

The Muse Knoxville, Save Our Smokies and Isaiah 117 House have all been approved to have special license plates.
Credit: KONSTANTIN SHISHKIN - stock.adob
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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Not a fan of the new Tennesee license plates? Here's some good news: 23 new special license plates have been approved through SB 1667.

Three special license plates will have East Tennessee connections—Muse Knoxville, Save Our Smokies and Isaiah 117 House. 

Specialty plates are license plates that have a different design from the standard Tennesee plate. Specialty plates have an annual fee that is typically used to benefit the organization the plate is associated with. 

Proceeds for the Save Our Smokies license plates will be allocated to assist the non-profit with cleanup efforts—including litter pickups and graffiti removal in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. 

Muse Knoxville proceeds will be allocated to The Muse Knoxville to offer educational programming and exhibits to children at no cost through the Muse for All scholarship. 

Funds from the Isaiah 117 House plate will help provide emotional and physical support in a loving home for children awaiting foster placement in Tennessee. 

Proceeds for a specialty plate that celebrates respiratory therapists will be allocated for Isiah 117 House as well. These funds will be designated for the housing of children before foster placement, including providing essentials such as electricity or food. 

Organizations selected have a year to design artwork for the license plate. 

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