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East Tennessee steer and cow show their love every day, not just on Valentine's Day

Love comes in all shapes and sizes at the Gentle Barn.

Love comes in all shapes and sizes at the Gentle Barn.

Valentine’s Day isn’t about gifts for some couples, but spending quality time together.

Gentle Barn residents Dudley, a 1,700-pound steer, and Destiny, a 900-pound cow, have to put romance aside when it's time for bed.

Getting them into their stalls is no easy task for the farm’s staffers, especially when there's a news camera around.

This married couple can't spend the night together because of Dudley's prosthesis. Destiny and Dudley are man and wife, or perhaps steer and cow.

When it's time for Dudley to head to his stall, he can be stubborn as he stops to say good night to Destiny.

"If Destiny were to accidentally step on him, it could damage his residual limb, which could put him in a lot of trouble unable to wear his prosthesis at all,” said animal caretaker Andrea Burritt.

The love between the two animals is felt across the farm.

"Whenever you're around them you can truly feel the affection they have for one another,” said staffer Stephanie Kirman.

Dudley and Destiny aren’t not the only ones in love at the Gentle Barn. The farm boats a rooster named Rick Springfield and a chicken named Jessie’s Girl.

"He looks around for food for her all day and when he finds some he makes a special sound,” explained Buritt.

They’ve also got Pearl the goat. The 18-year-old recently made headlines for her special friendship with a UPS driver.

"He's told us it really makes his day to see her,” Burritt said. “He's got a lot of dogs on his route, but not many times do you have a goat coming to see you.”

As people around the world celebrate Valentine’s Day, folks at the Gentle Barn hope they take a moment and realize that love extends beyond the human race.

"Cows feel love, animals feel love, and they're emotional and affectionate, and we love to show the world that,” Burritt said

The Gentle Barn is a home for animals rescued from abuse and neglect. Guests can visit these animals every Saturday starting at 11 a.m.

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