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'I couldn't just sit here and not do something' | 71-year-old travels to Ukraine for a third time to deliver clean drinking water

Joe Hurston, president and founder of Air Mobile Ministries, is expected to leave in early May. He will bring 10 water purifying units with him.

SNEEDVILLE, Tenn. — In the small town of Sneedville and in an even smaller cabin, global missionary Joe Hurston prepares for his third trip to Ukraine.

His mission is to supply thirsty people with clean drinking water using ozone-UV water purifiers.

The 71-year-old appreciates a quaint and quiet life in the hills of Hancock County, but lately, the serene sounds of his small town are shattered by his memory of the war in Ukraine.

“They have hit hospitals and they have hit orphanages,” Hurston said.

The president and founder of Air Mobile Ministries has already gone to Ukraine twice in 2022, and with the unbearable weight of pain and suffering on his mind, he's going back a third time on May 10.

Huston will bring 10 water purifying units with him, equipped with ozone and UV technology.

"It's about 35,000 times more powerful than chlorine,” he said. "40 to 50 people per hour can get clean water on less electricity than a lightbulb."

Hurston’s quant cabin serves as his headquarters for Air Mobile Ministries where he builds his purifiers and plans his missions.

Joe has been going on global missions for at least 30 years.

“My mission with this remarkable miracle machine is to bring clean water to the thirsty people,” he said. “That's what the Lord would have me to do.”

Hurston plans to put his paradise on hold in exchange for peace of mind, providing humanitarian support to the Ukrainian people.

“I could not sit here at my little retreat cabin and sit on my front porch, watch my little animals, and watch our garden grow and not do something,” the 71-year-old said. “I leave Vladimir Putin in the hands of God.”

Hurston has over 1,500 purifying units in 48 countries.

He said he will continue missions as long as his body allows.

If you would like to contribute to Hurston’s mission, visit his donation link.

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